Cloud based eMail Services

Over the past two decades we have seen email become the most critical means of communication for businesses. It was not long ago that the simple POP3 email accounts provided with a web hosting or Internet access account seemed to do everything we needed them to. Now however with the increases in SPAM, government regulation, and an increased requirement for reliability and features, businesses that rely on email need an alternative to those antiquated and clumbsy solutions.

Select Hosting recognizes that small and medium sized businesses today need to compete at a higher level. They need to be more productive and they need to focus on their core compentencies. With that in mind Select Hosting has compiled a collection of eMail technologies that help small businesses compete at a higher level without needing to invest in technologies that are outside of their core competencies.

Our cloud based eMail services are designed to be highly available, highly reliable, feature rich, easy to use and extremely cost-effective. With cloud based service you only pay for the services you need much like a utility. There are no big investments, no long commitments, and no on-going maintenance or upgrade costs to worry about. You simply use the service and focus on your business. We'll take care of the service -- which is our business.


Meet the government and financial industry compliance requirements with our Archiving and Compliance solution from GlobalRelay.


Protect sensitive information with our secure messaging service built upon the ZixCorp Award Winning end-to-end email encryption service platform. This service meets or exceeds all current state and federal requirements.


Virtually eliminate SPAM and e-mail borne viruses with the world leading Postini Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus filtering service. Affordable and wildly effective.

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