Low-cost, Managed Enterprise
Class Email with Collaboration,
Mobility, Security, and Reliability

Select Hosting's Hosted Microsoft Exchange service is a fully-managed enterprise-class solution for your email, calendars and contacts offered as a low-cost, pay-as-you-go monthly subscription.

You get your email, where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. You get all of the productivity and reliability benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2010 without any of the expenses associated with running an in-house system and without having to put up with the hassles and short-comings of POP3, IMAP, and web based solutions.

Our Hosted Exchange solution is built on best of breed solutions and designed to be highly available, highly reliable, feature rich, easy to use and extremely cost-effective.

There are no big investments, no long commitments, and no on-going maintenance or upgrade costs to worry about. You simply pay a low monthly fee for what you use. You use the service and focus on your business --- we take care of the servers -- that's our business.

Hosted Exchange 2010 Benefits

Microsoft Exchange is more than an email solution, it's a communications tool that enables your workforce to collaborate and communicate in the office or on the go. Microsoft Exchange 2010 gives your employees anytime, anywhere access to information and collaboration tools, while addressing SPAM, viruses and keeping your sensitive information secure.

Hosted Exchange 2010 Features

There is no shortage of features with Hosted Exchange. Each feature is specifically designed to increase productivity, provide ease of use and to ensure reliability.

Hosted Exchange Plans & Pricing

Our pricing is straight foward and simple - Its "Pay As You Go - No Contracts!". You place your order for the service and then we bill you based on the number of accounts you add to the platform. You simply pay for exactly the number of mailboxes you add to the system. As you add an remove maiboxes our system will automatically adjust your billing rates.

Getting Started

Switching to Select Hosting's Hosted Exchange service is easy. We're available to help you through each step in the process.

The Hosted Exchange Enterprise Class Infrastructure & Network

Select Hosting's Hosted Exchange infrastructure is built upon high-quality, enterprise class and best of breed technology solutions. We make no compromises. The hardware, software, data center, policies and procedures are all selected and designed with reliability, performance and ease of use in mind.

Our solution is built in accordance with Best Practice methods supported, recommended and certified by Microsoft ensuring full accountability and integrity.

Hosted Exchange Mobility Services

Our Exchange solution supports a wide range of mobility devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. These devices and any device supporting Microsoft ActiveSync intergrate seamlessly with our Hosted Exchange service bringing you to the next level of productivity.

No matter where you are you're able to stay in touch and in sync with all of your Mail folders, Calendars and Contacts instantly just as if you were at your desk.

BasicPricing starting at $5.95/mo

Web Mail Access with rich Enterprise level performance, features and reliability

  • 1GB Mailbox, more if you need it, up to 5GB!
  • Access with any modern web browser
  • Postini AntiSPAM/AntiVirus Service
  • Budget friendly price, no contracts
  • Upgrade to higher level plan at anytime
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StandardPricing starting at $11.95/mo

Full Featured with Outlook Desktop, WebMail and Mobile Device Access

  • Connect your iPhone, Windows or Android device
  • Outlook Web Access
  • 5GB Mailbox, more if you need it, up to 25GB!
  • Outlook 2010 or Entourage Software included
  • Postini AntiSPAM/AntiVirus Service
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PremiumPricing starting at $34.95/mo

All of the features of the Standard plan plus Encryption & Archiving services.

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server included
  • 5GB Mailbox, more if you need it, up to 25GB!
  • Outlook 2010 or Entourage Software included
  • Global Relay Archiving Service
  • ZixCorp Email Encryption Service
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Microsoft Exchange is Microsoft's Email and Collaboration solution for the enterprise. It offers Anywhere access to email, calendars, and contacts. It also provides instant synchronization of all email folders such as inbox, sent box, calendars and contacts to all of your Internet connected devices like Outlook, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and many more. And it allows users to share mailboxes, calendars and contacts effortlessly and securely.

Generally, in-house high-availability Microsoft Exchange deployments are implemented as a complex arrangement of multiple high-performance servers that collectively provide outstanding performance, reliability and a feature rich email experience.

As a complex system in-house deployment of Exchange often requires a staff of experienced IT professionals to operate and maintain the systems. This is usually something that a small business can neither justify or afford. It is for this reason that Microsoft has developed the Hosted Exchange service for Microsoft Certified Partners like Select Hosting. Now Select Hosting is able to offer a cost-effective and feature rich alternative to in-house deployment.

This is the answer

When your business has outgrown the functionality of POP3/IMAP and Web Based email services or the need to outsource an in-house email solution has become a necessity, Microsoft Hosted Exchange from Select Hosting is the natural next step.

Hosted Exchange enables your organization to reap the benefits of enterprise messaging without the high costs associated with implementation and maintenance of an in-house system. It also puts an end to the frustration commonly experienced as a result of the lack of modern features and inadequacies of legacy POP3, IMAP and Web Based email solutions.

When you want enterprise-class functionality and reliability for a low monthly cost, and don't want to be burdened with maintaining complex systems, its time for Hosted Exchange from Select Hosting.

The proper solution for today's business email requirements is Microsoft Exchange.

Deploying an in-house Microsoft Exchange solution is usually a costly endeavor requiring an initial investment of thousands of dollars and on-going maintenance, upgrades and administration. It is no wonder that only larger companies, with the budget, appropriate support staff and expertise, take on such an endeavor.

The question is why do they do it? The answer is simple, using Microsoft Exchange for email, calendars, contacts and tasks increases productivity - plain and simple. It is also a robust and extremely reliable system that enterprises can depend on.

Select Hosting's Hosted Exchange Service is a cost-effective alternative to setting up and deploying an in-house Exchange. It's built upon exacting enterprise-class standards established and approved by Microsoft.

With Select Hosting's Hosted Exchange you get all of the benefits and features of a full Exchange deployment, but without the high implementation and on-going support, maintenance and upgrade costs.

Hosted Exchange is also a great replacement for your existing POP3 accounts. POP3 is by today's standards an antiquated protocol. Yes POP3, still works in a basic way, but today businesses are demanding much more functionality than a standard POP3 or IMAP mailbox can handle -- we need mobility, and need up to date information on all of our devices all the time and automatically.

Both the POP3 and IMAP protocols were developed in a time when we were not so mobile and the dependence on email was not so intense. Think of that POP3 mailbox as a 1970's typewriter. Sure, the typewriter still does its job, but can it keep up with todays demands?

Hosted Exchange gives you a much richer, streamlined and efficient way to manage all of your contacts, calendars, tasks and emails, than any other solution available today, including Web Mail solutions.

With Hosted Exchange you can seamlessly share your Outlook information with your co-workers and access your Outlook data from anywhere at anytime with any Internet connected computer or from any supported wireless device such as a BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or any other mobile device with Internet and/or Active Sync capability.

Select Hosting's Hosted Exchange service is the smart and cost-effective way to enable your entire staff to work smarter and communicate more effectively.

Ten reasons why POP3 and IMAP are not the proper email
solution for today's business email needs.

  • 01. Limited, kludged or non-existent mobile capabilities.
  • 02. Limited, kludged or non-existent Sharing capabilities.
  • 03. Limited, kludged or non-existent synchronization capabilities.
  • 04. Antiquated Protocols: IMAP was established in 1988. POP3 was established around the same time. That's over 20 years ago. They both have not changed in over 10 years yet the way we use and depend on email has changed drastically in even the past 5 years.
  • 05. POP3 and IMAP have essentially out-lived their usefulness yet they still exist because people are willing to tolerate the short-comings and continue to try to make them do something that was not even conceived when the protocols were invented -- and users put themselves through endless hours of pain and frustration trying to get that square peg into the round hole.

n. Slang

  1. A system, especially a computer system, that is constituted of poorly matched elements originally intended for other applications.
  2. A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.
  • 06. Web-based only solutions lack feature rich integration with other common software and tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel. In other words a web based solution is isolated to use on the web and is therefore limited by design.
  • 07. POP3, IMAP and Web Solutions offer no integration between mailbox, calendars, contacts and tasks.
  • 08. Sharing POP3 and IMAP mailboxes generally leads to out of sync or mismatched message status leading to confusion, missed emails, POP locks and other frustrations.
  • 09. Limited is size, have limited security, and no built-in data integrity and retention features.
  • 10. Usually provided on shared web hosting servers that are not dedicated to the email function and have a single point of failure.

Reliability and Pricing

  • Reliable enterprise-level email and collaboration on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • No Minimums, No Contracts and No Term Commitments
  • Free download of Outlook 2010 for the PC and Outlook 2011 for the Mac
  • Highly Redundant infrastructure lets us provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee

Users and Storage

  • Serves anywhere from 1 to 1000 mailboxes
  • Large mailbox sizes from 1GB to 25GB and file attachments up to 50MB
  • Flexible storage pool lets you allocate space to mailboxes as needed - less space to casual users and more space to power users.
  • Share Calendars, Contacts and Mailboxes between users
  • Easy to use web based control panel for routine tasks such as adding & removing mailboxes, resetting passwords, and adjusting mailbox limits and features

Control Panel Features

  • Use your own domain name and continually promote your company's brand and image
  • Included Postini SPAM and AntiVirus Protection keeps your inbox free and clear of junk and email-borne viruses
  • Optional Message Archiving and Encryption Services help your business meet state and federal compliance requirements

Data Handling

  • 14 Day Deleted Item Retention eliminates the "Oops" factor and reduces the need for data restores
  • Constant Data Protection ensures that your data is backup up multiple times during each and every day
  • Your data is replicated in two data centers ensuring uninterrupted access to your data in the event of data center outage or regional disaster

Mobile Devices

  • Connect a mobile device like iPhone, BlackBerry or Android to your mailbox and never miss an email when away from your computer.
  • Access your email, calendars, contacts and tasks via the Web, Mobile devices of from your PC or Mac using Outlook - all updated and synchronized automatically behind the scenes

Main Features


$5.95/mo buy now


$11.95/mo buy now


$34.95/mo buy now

buy now $5.95/mo


buy now $11.95/mo


buy now $34.95/mo


Mailbox Size Up to 5GB Up to 25GB Up to 25GB
Outlook Web Access
ActiveSync for Mobile Devices
Outlook/Entourage License ---
Full Exchange 2010 Features
Unlimited Aliases
Email Forwarding
Personal & Shared Calendars
Personal & Shared Contacts
Personal & Shared Tasks
Postini SPAM & Virus Protection
Constant Data Protection/Backup
14 Day Deleted Item Retention
BlackBerry Enterprise Sync $9.95/mo/user $9.95/mo/user
Archiving and Compliance $10/mo/user $10/mo/user
Email Encryption $7/mo/user $7/mo/user

Overview of the Sign-up Process

  • 01. When getting ready to place your order you will want to have an idea of the domain name you which to use. You will also what to figure out if you will transfer your domain to us or not. Transferring your domain is not necessary so long as you have access to your DNS MX records. If you do not already have a domain name you can order one from us during the Hosted Exchange ordering process.
  • 02. Once you have completed the order you will receive a welcome email with all of your account information and a step-by-step set-up instruction guide and links to videos showing you the set-up process.
  • 03. Using our Web-Based control panel you will create all of your email accounts on the system.
  • 04. Once your accounts are set up on the system you can then point your DNS MX Records to our servers or you can set up email forwarding at your current email provider. This will direct all of your inbound email to our servers.
  • 05. Once you complete the above steps you can immediately start using Outlook Web Access, Mobile Devices or Outlook on the PC or Mac.

Importing Existing Email

If you have existing email that needs to be imported you will need to do that after the sign-up and set up process is complete. You simply upload your email, calendar and contact data from any old Outlook profile you have using the built-in tools within Outlook. We offer a mailbox migration service if you are not up for doing this on your own.

The Data Center

The Select Hosting servers and networking equipment is housed in 2 Independent Tier 3 Data Centers that meet SAS70 Type II Operational and Security Standards. Each Data Center has the following minimum facilities:

  • 2n+1 Air Conditioning
  • 2n+1 UPS and Stand-By Generators
  • Minimum 2 Independent Data Entrance Facilities
  • Minimum 2 Independent Power Entrance Facilities
  • Minimum Keycard and Biometric Security
  • 24x7 Manned Security Desk
  • 30,000 square feet
  • Tier 3 Uptime Institute Designation

The Network
and Bandwidth

The Select Hosting Network is designed so that there is no single point of failure.

  • Two geographically diverse Data Centers
  • Redundant GigE Upstream Internet Connections
  • Redundant Access Routers
  • Redundant Core Switches
  • Redundant Firewalls and Load Balancers
  • Redundant Internal Server Network

The Equipment

All equipment used in the delivery of Select Hosting's Hosted Exchange and other services, is name brand and recognized as best-of-breed:

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Dell PowerConnect Network Switches
  • Cisco Enterprise Edge Routers
  • Cisco Enterprise Core Switches
  • Fortigate Firewalls
  • LoadBalancer.Org Load Balancers

The Backup

Backup is provided through Constant Data Protection and Database replication built-in to Exchange 2010 as well as Microsoft Data Protection Manager. Our platform is Microsoft End-to-End.

Add-On Features

Archiving Because message archiving has very specific requirements from compliance and legal perspectives, Select Hosting, like all Hosted Exchange providers, outsources the Archiving service to a third-party. Select Hosting has partnered with Global Relay, a world leader in Archiving and Compliance.

  • Apple Devices fully supported

    iPhone, iPad, iTouch all have built-in Exchange ActiveSync. Configuration is a breeze just as you would expect from Apple.

  • BlackBerry Support - Absolutely!

    All modern BlackBerry devices are designed to integrate with Microsoft Exchange. Please check with your Wireless Provider to make sure your data plan supports BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

  • Android & Others

    Any device that supports Microsoft ActiveSync will work seamlessly with the Select Hosting Exchange service.

Your Email, Calendar and Contract where you want,
when you want and how you want!

  • No thinking syncing! Your Email, Calendars and Contacts are automatically synchronized with your OutLook or Entourage with zero effort!
  • Read, Reply and Send emails in real-time.
  • Open, edit and forward attachments.
  • Schedule Meetings & Add or Modify Contacts from any device - changes are automatically sync'd to your Outlook, Entourage or Outlook Web Access in
    real-time automatically over the air - no cables or additional software required.