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Easy Administration
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Select Hosting's Linux based web hosting is a feature rich platform running on state-of-the-art hardware housed in an enterprise class data center.

The cPanel Control Panel software that you use to manage your web hositng account and associated email accounts is fast, intuitive and feature rich. In fact cPanel is the world's most popular Web Hosting Control Panel Software.

The Benefits of Dedicated
Managed Hosting Without the Costs

Select Hosting's Premium Shared Hosting plan is an advanced service offering that provides key web site and email management services for customers that either don't have the time or resources to manage the common day to day tasks of managing email accounts, and making small changes to the web site content. When you sign-up for the Premium Hosting Plan we take care of all the management and maintenance aspects of your web site and email services. We let you leverage our expertise and resources so that you can focus on doing what you should be doing -- growing your business.

Linux Web Hosting Features

There is no shortage of features with our cPanel Hosting Control Panel. cPanel has been developed to deliver ease of use, performance and features demanded most by customers around the world.

Plans and Pricing

We keep our pricing very simple so that you can easily choose the plan that best fits your needs. You can upgrade and down-grade between plans at anytime. The Starter Plan meets the needs of most basic web sites and still has the advanced features and software necessary for a robust and very functional web site.

Getting Started

Switching to or setting up a brand new web site with Select Hosting is easy. We're available to help you through each step in the process.

Starter PlanPricing starting at $7.95/mo Annual Rate

A Starter plan is the simplest and least expensive way to get started with your web presence.

  • Typical Use:Simple web sites for personal or professional services businesses.
  • Getting StartedWeb Site Builder with thousands of templates to choose from
  • Advanced toolsMySQL, PHP, Blogs & over 50 More Programs
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Standard PlanPricing starting at $13.25/mo Annual Rate

An Standard plan gives you more resources to support ecommerce, larger websites and more traffic.

  • Typical Use:Sites with multiple domains, shopping carts, and business uses.
  • eCommerceDedicated IP address and SSL Certificate available at no charge
  • Advanced toolsMySQL, PHP, Blogs & over 50 More Programs
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Premium PlanPricing starting at $29.95/mo Annual Rate

The Premium plan provides all of the features of the Standard plan plus basic maintenance services.

  • Care Free:Leave the management and maintenance to us. Click for 'details'
  • Extended UsageHost Multiple Domains, Domain Aliasing, Custom Redirects
  • Advanced toolsMySQL, PHP, Blogs & over 50 More Programs
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cPanel is a software solution that runs on web hosting servers and provides website owners with a fast, powerful and easy to use web based control panel all aspects of their web site and associated email accounts.

By using cPanel a website owner can not only manage their website and email accounts, they can also install hundreds of different software packages directly from within cPanel. Software such as WordPress, Joomla, eCommerce, Photo Gallery and others are installed with just a few clicks.

With cPanel you are in complete control of your web hosting account. You can access cPanel any time from any device with Internet connectivity.

Choosing a web hosting company can be a daunting task. There are literally thousands of web hosting to choose from with pricing and plans that are sure to confuse even the most seasoned web and business professional.

First and foremost, don't be fooled by the super low prices and claims of 1000s of free mailboxes, etc. For the most part those are all gimmicks. For example, if you are looking to run your business email on a shared web server and you have hundreds of email boxes you plan on running on that server you're making a huge mistake. Business class email of that size has to be run on servers dedicated to the email process, not on a server that runs multiple services.

If you are not sure if you need Windows or Linux based web hosting chances are you will do fine with Linux based hosting.

Windows based hosting is generally for very specific applications. Your web site designer should be able to tell you whether Windows or Linux web hosting is right for you site. When in doubt choose Linux.

Select Hosting's Premium Shared Hosting is ideal for customers that need support above and beyond the standard level of support and service offered with our Starter and Standard hosting plans.

The Premium hosting plan includes all of the support you would get with the other plans but provides an extra level of support designed specifically for the website owner that doesn't want to spend time learning how to use the control panel or managing the details of their site and services.

As part of the Premium Hosting Plan, we take care of a majority of the day to day and occassional management aspects of your web site and email services. We let you leverage our expertise and resources so that you can focus on doing what you should be doing -- growing your business.

This is something we can't tell you directly. Its really up to you to decide.

We think that if you do not have the time or desire to get farmilar with cPanel, and you don't want to deal with creating email accounts, or doing the occassional web site edit, then this service is for you.

For the cost of the service you'd be getting excellent value when you consider your time is worth something.

Here are some examples of how the Premium Hosting Plan compares to our other hared Hosting on a tasks basis:

Task Standard Shared Hosting Premium Shared Hosting
Adding an Email Account You login to cPanel, create the account, set the password, and test. Call Select Hosting or send a ticket into us and we do it all.
Configure Email Program You get the Server information from the welcome email that was sent when your hosting was first setup, get the new email account username and password and then manually configure your Outlook, Thunderbird or Entourage with either POP3 or IMAP settings. Call Select Hosting or send a ticket into us and we will step you through the process or remotely login to your system and setup the account on your system for you.
Change a password Login to the cPanel, locate the account, set the password, and then make the changes in your email client. Call us or send a ticket and we'll make the change for you.
Manage SPAM Protection Examine email headers, determine source of issue, decide on action plan. Call Select Hosting or send a ticket into us and we do it all.

The most important thing to remember about our Premium Hosting Plan is that it is not a web design or web site creation service. We do not design pages, create graphics or perform any programming.

The service is designed to help you manage the web site and the features of cPanel. The service is to help you be more efficient by relieving you of the burden of having to learn cPanel and the specifics of the features offered through cPanel.

The amount of service we provide as part of the Premium Plan is limited to 2 hours per month. While it is highly unlikely that anyone would exceed the 2 hours, if additional services are required we can usually provide service on an hourly basis at a discount rate.

For routine service requests we do our best to complete properly submitted requests within 24 hours excluding holidays and weekends. However we do have staff working around the clock and requests are usually handled sooner. In the event that you have an emergency and need quicker service, we provide you with a priority service code. To use your priority service code you simply open a help desk ticket as usual and then call the Priority Support line to have the ticket escalated. When you call you will be moved to the front of the call queue. If there are no agents available you will be prompted to leave a message and within 15 to 60 minutes you will receive a call from a highly qualified engineer -- not a high-volume overseas call center agent following a lame script.

The Premium Hosting Plan is available for as little as $29.95 per month when you pay for the year in advance, and comes with Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts and much more. The Unlimited portion of the service is provided in accordance with our Fair Use Policy.

If you do not already have web hosting with us simple order our Premium Web Hostin Plan.

If you already have the Starter or Standard Hosting Plan and would like to upgrade to the Premium Plan, simply login to the Client Portal, select your current hosting plan and then choose to upgrade.

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Web Hosting Features

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Contract, Cancel Anytime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free with Each Web Hosting Plan

  • Free Site Builder Tool with 1000s of Web Site Templates
  • Easy to use Web Statistics Software to track visitors and performance
  • Fantastico DeLux - Including over 50 Popular Open Source Utilities, Blogs, Photo Galleries and eCommerce Solutions

Control Panel Features

  • Getting Started Wizard and Videos to show you how to use the Control Panel
  • Email Management including BoxTrapper, SpamAssassin, Forwarders, Mailing List and more
  • Logs and tools to monitor Bandwidth, Latest Visitors, Web Statistics and More
  • Security Features to protect directories, block IPs and protect your private content
  • Easily manage subdomains, Add-On Domains and Parked Domains and URL Redirects
  • Online File Manager and Backup Wizard to make manging your content easy

Programming and Database Features

  • Unlimited Databases and Database Users
  • The latest stable version of MySQL, phpMyAdmin and Remote MySQL Connectivity
  • Front-Page Extensions and FTP Publishing capabilities
  • SSH Access, PHP 5.x, PERL, PEAR Package Manager
  • CRONTab, Curl, GD Library, ImageMagic, Python, Ruby on Rails

Email Features

  • Unlimited POP3 Mail boxes with IMAP and SMTP Support
  • Webmail Access with Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube
  • Compatible with most mobile devices such as Droid, iPhone & Blackberry
  • SpamAssassin, BoxTrapper, and Postini AntiVirus/AntiSpam Option
  • Email Forwarding, Autoresponders, Mailing Lists, Email Authentication
  • User level filtering, Email Route Tracking/Testing

Quality Support and Advice

  • Unscripted, Domestic, & Dynamic Support that meets you are your technical level
  • Over 20 Years of experience in the Internet and Hosting Industry
  • Seasoned professionals with enterprise support backgrounds
  • You're assigned to a single team so you always work with the same individuals
  • Service & Support Delivered in partnership with you and your team
  • Tools to help you quickly do things on your own when you want to

Capacities, Limits & Features


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Enterprise Class Servers & Operating Systems
MySQL Database & phpMyAdmin
Curl, Cron, GD2, Image Magick
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Web Mail (SquirrelMail, Horde, Cube)
Supports Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird & many more
Email Aliases, Forwarders, Catch-All
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Overview of the Sign-up Process

  • 01. When getting ready to place your order you will want to have an idea of the domain name you which to use. If you do not already have a domain you will have the option of searching for and registering a domain during the ordering process. You cannot order a web hosting account without having an existing domain or ordering a new one.
  • 02. Once you have completed your order we will send you a Welcome Email with all of the configuration and access information you will need to accedd the cPanel account.
  • 03. Next, using the cPanel Conrol Panel, you will create any email accounts you need.
  • 04. The next step will be to upload your content using FTP, Dreamweaver, Front-Page or by using our Site Builder tool to create your site from one of the 1000s of web site templates we offer.
  • 05. After your site is published you will have a chance to preview it before going live. Once you know its just the way you like it you simply turn it on live.

About Transferring Your Domain and Hosting

Many hosting companies say that you have to transfer your domain to them in order to host your web site with them. Although doing so sometimes makes some of the processes easier, doing so typically is not a technical requirement. Some hosting operators force you to transfer your domain registration to them so that they can have more control over the domain. At Select Hosting we never make it a requirement for you to relinquish control of your domain to us. We believe that you should be the listed owner and maintain complete control over your domain registration. In short domain registration and web site hosting do not have to be provided by the same organization.

Enterprise Class Web Hosting
Infrastructure & Network

Select Hosting's Web Hosting Infrastructure is built upon high-quality, enterprise class and best of breed technology solutions. We make no compromises. The hardware, software, data center, policies and procedures are all selected and designed with reliability, performance and ease of use in mind. And we own and control all hardware, network and power distribution which ensures our accountability.

Our hosting Control Panel software is continuosly improved and updated ensuring reliability, security and outstanding performance.

The Data Center

The Select Hosting servers and networking equipment is housed in 2 Independent Tier 3 Data Centers that meet SAS70 Type II Operational and Security Standards. Each Data Center has the following minimum facilities:

  • 2n+1 Air Conditioning
  • 2n+1 UPS and Stand-By Generators
  • Minimum 2 Independent Data Entrance Facilities
  • Minimum 2 Independent Power Entrance Facilities
  • Minimum Keycard and Biometric Security
  • 24x7 Manned Security Desk
  • 30,000 square feet
  • Tier 3 Uptime Institute Designation

The Network
and Bandwidth

The Select Hosting Network is designed so that there is no single point of failure.

  • Two geographically diverse Data Centers
  • Redundant GigE Upstream Internet Connections
  • Redundant Access Routers
  • Redundant Core Switches
  • Redundant Firewalls and Load Balancers
  • Redundant Internal Server Network

The Equipment

All equipment used in the delivery of Select Hosting's Web Hosting and other services, is name brand and recognized as best-of-breed:

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Dell PowerConnect Network Switches
  • Cisco Enterprise Edge Routers
  • Cisco Enterprise Core Switches
  • Fortigate Firewalls
  • LoadBalancer.Org Load Balancers

The Backup

All servers are backed up at least daily for complete server disaster recovery. Customers can use the built in Backup tools to back up and restore their sites on-demand. On qualified plans we use R1Soft Constant Data Protection and backup the web sites and email multiple time during the day.

Add-On Features

Our Linux hosting is based on the Award Winning cPanel Control Panel software. We take that top notch solution and add to it Fantastico Delux which adds over 50 additional scripts and modules to the server. As if that was not enough we have more adds ons available such as Postini Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM protection. If you're looking for something special just ask!